Elite Camp Information

"Without dreams, there is no need to work; without work there is no need to dream!”

If you like to work hard on your game and dream about accomplishing BIG things, this is the camp for you. At Elite Camp, the Stanford Coaches teach an advanced “Skill Circuit”: full court moves, one on one moves, two ball drills, point, wing, and post moves, passing entries into an offense, and more that will have a daily progression. All 5 on 5, full court, officiated games are played indoors. Although it is an advanced camp, there is still time for plenty of fun. Pizza parties in the dorm lounge will have you laughing out loud!

Camp is open to any and all entrants! Recommended for all skill levels from the advanced beginner to top high school level.

Teams: Campers are place on teams randomly according to age and grade. Our priority in forming teams is to have balanced leagues. The coaching staff with over 38 years of experience will make changes as needed. Therefore, we respectfully do not honor team assignment requests.

Note: NCAA regulations prohibit financial aid assistance.

2020 Camp Dates:  Registration begins in Mid December
Elite Camp 1: June 23-26  Tuesday - Friday
Dorm TBD

Elite Camp 2: July  22-25   Wednesday-Saturday
Dorm TBD

Check In at the Dorm  :  First day, between 1:00 and 2:30 pm

Click here for Elite Camp Facility Map

Click here for Dorm Parking Information

Check Out: Last day, after award ceremony at 11:00 am. Maples Pavilion.See location address below.
Overnight campers walk back to Dorm,check out by 12:00 pm. 

Valuables: Please DO NOT bring valuable items. Campers are responsible for all items brought to camp.

Lanyards: Lanyards for your meal cards and keys will be provided.

Ages: 10-18
including graduated high school seniors.

Commuter Campers: 
Cost: "early bird" $625, after April 15th $700

Commuter Campers are dropped off at the dorm and picked up at Maples Pavilion.

Meals are taken in the Dorm Dining Hall during camp hours are included.
Dinner on day 1, breakfast,lunch and dinner on days 2 & 3, and breakfast on day 4.

Commuter Drop and pickup times:
Day 1:
arrive at Dorm (see above for location) check-in between 1:00-2:30 pm and picked up at 8:30 pm at Maples Pavilion NW concourse for sign-out.

Day 2 and 3: dropped off at the dorm for 8:30 am roll call and are picked up at 8:30 pm at Maples Pavilion NW concourse for sign- out.

Last day:
dropped off at the dorm for 8:30 am roll call and are picked up at 11:30 am right after the Awards ceremony. See below for location.

The youngest campers if not quite ready to stay overnight in the Dorms, enjoy the Elite-Commuter  Option of being dropped off in the mornings and picked up in the evenings.

Overnite Campers:
:  "early bird"  $700 , after April 15th $775
Includes meals starting with dinner on the first day and breakfast on the last day.

DORM: See above.
Roommate request: one (1) mutual request made by two campers, thirty (30) days prior to camp, is guaranteed. See FAQ's for further details.
Bathrooms: shared
Linens: Not provided
Air Conditioning: No
Suggested spending money: $40.00
Medical: a certified trainer will be on staff at all times. Stanford Hospital on campus.
Dorm staffing: 10:1 ratio or less
Dorm security: PD security guard patrols dorm exterior 10pm-7am.

Check In Registration for all Campers: is 1:00-2:30 on the first day at a Stanford Dorm (see above for location).
Camp activities officially begin at 2:30pm.

Check Out
: Camp ends between 11:30-12:00 on the fourth day at the Dorm where campers registered.

  1. Dorm Key must be returned to the alpha table.
    $185.00 fee if not returned by 12:00 pm.
  2. Camp store balance pick up. Now or never. Cash in - cash out.  Do not forget!
  3. Luggage retrieval.

Campers are responsible to check themselves out once camp is dismissed; parents may not pick up their child's luggage before the camper s return to the dorm. Campers will do so once they have returned their dorm key and picked up any camp store balance.

Closing Awards Ceremony: in Maples Pavilion- 655 E. Campus Drive,Stanford, CA 94305
Begins at 11:00 am and concludes by 11:30 am.

Free Camp T-Shirt and Basketball:
Camp t-shirt will be distributed at registration and basketballs will be distributed at the various venues on the first day of camp.

Specially designed NIKE camp t-shirts and camp shorts will be available for sale (cash only $20.00 each) while supplies last, at the "Camp Store" area at registration/ check out and also set up in the Dorm Lounge in the evenings. Other Stanford team gear may also be on sale :)
CASH only accepted on site.

All lots require a parking permit. Some lots have visitor parking meters available .


Click Here for Interactive Map
Click Here for Printable Map

See www.gostanford.com for maps and directions.
Give yourself time, especially if you are unfamiliar with the campus.

Commuter Camper Details:

Check In: at the Commuter Camper registration table at the Dorm lawn (see above for location). Pick up meal card for lunch and dinners during camp hours.

Daily Check Out: always sign out at Maples Pavilion NW concourse. Parent or designated pick up persons must physically check out camper with staff member.

Dorm Lounge: Commuter Campers may utilize the dorm ground floor lounge area between lunch and dinner meals and roll call. This is for campers only!

Meals: Commuter meal cards given at check for lunch and dinners during camp hours.
Includes Dinner on the first day, lunch and dinner on the second and third days.

Overnight Camper Details:

Camper Money: Overnight campers may deposit monies in the "camp store" account at registration. Balance must be picked up at check out. Cash in - cash out.

Dorm Roommate requests:
Campers are allowed to request for one (1) roommate,however, request are not guaranteed. Requests that are mutual,meaning, both campers have listed each other on their registration as wanting to be roommates, are guaranteed, if they are made before the rosters are submitted to Conference Services (30 days prior to the camp start date). Paired campers should expect and welcome the single campers assigned to their room :)

We will do our best to accommodate all requests and will try to put multiple requested campers next-door or as close as possible to each other. 

There are different room configurations depending upon the dorm we are assigned each summer; therefore there are possible doubles, triples and/or quads that each camper may be assigned to. 

Late registration has less of a chance to accommodate any roommate requests made and ARE NOT GUARANTEED.

Once a room is assigned and registration has begun,there are numerous reasons for not being able to accommodate a request. Campers without a roommate request will be matched up by age. Most campers do not list a roommate so no worries.

Dorm floors are also assigned by age group and have staff on every floor.

Everyone should be open to meeting lots of new friends from all over the US and beyond!

At no time will campers be rooming alone. The Housing Coordinator matches up campers by age. This may take a bit of time on the first day, so patience is required here.

Changes can only be made by the Dorm Director and will take place after registration and before dinner time.  Room changes require documentation submission to Conference Services to ensure emergency contact information and room numbers are accurate.  This is for your child's safety and our emergency contact records. No exceptions here :)

We will not be collecting a key deposit however,campers are soley responsible for their room key. KEY REPLACEMENT COST is $185.00 and is due at the time of check out.

All keys must be turned in at the Alpha Table it was issued, by 12:00pm, NOON. There is another sport camp following us and rooms will be re-keyed immediately.

NO exceptions possible. Dorm rooms are re-keyed immediately after our camp concludes for the next incoming camp. Agreement is noted as such on Camp Waiver signed at registration.

Campers early departure: for any reason, are responsible to turn in their room key with the Housing Director or Camp Director to avoid the replacement cost.

Overnight Camper packing list :

  • Bedding ( i.e. Sleeping Bag) and pillow. Sheets are fine. Up to you.
  • Bath towels and toiletries.
  • Water bottle to refill at sites.
  • Small back pack for water bottle, light sweat shirt, key and meal card.
  • Sunscreen. We walk between sites and may have a skill session on one of the outdoor courts.

FYI: Dorms do not have air conditioning. Small room FANs are great during the hot summer evenings as dorm windows are closed at night.

Clothing - Campers should pack at least:
  • 4 t-shirts
  • 4 pair of shorts
  • a pair of court shoes (preferably not brand new)
  • 8 pair of socks
  • a sweatshirt
  • Pajamas
  • FLIP-FLOPS. Protect your feet!
    Air out those tired feet during the lunch and dinner breaks and also wear them in the shower area.
    Bare feet are never a good idea.
    Stubbed toes and blisters are a common ailment that can be prevented!

Bathing: Dorm style bathroom and showers. These are stalls with curtains for privacy.

Dorm Room / Damages:
Camper rooms will be inspected before check-out; damages must be paid for before departing camp. Rooms should be left in exactly the same state as they were upon arrival.

Daily Schedules are distributed at registration and posted at sites:

Day 1:
  • All Campers register at Stanford Dorm (see above) 1:00-2:30 pm.
  • Two sessions after registration (afternoon and evening) on the first day.
  • Overnight campers check in at the Alpha-tables for room key and meal card.
  • Commuter Campers check in at the Commuter Table for their meal cards.
  • Camp concludes around 8:15pm. Overnight campers to the Dorms, Commuter Campers pick up 8:30 pm at Maples Pavilion, NW corner of the concourse to be signed out by parent or guardian.
Day 2:
  • 8:30 am Roll Call at Dorm.
  • Three sessions (morning,afternoon and evening) on day two.
  • Camp concludes around 8:15pm. Overnight campers to the Dorms, Commuter Campers pick up 8:30pm at Maples Pavilion, NW corner of the concourse to be signed out by parent or guardian.

Day 3:
  • 8:30 am Roll Call at Dorm.
  • Three sessions (morning,afternoon and evening) on day three.
  • Camp concludes around 8:15pm. Overnight campers to the Dorms, Commuter Campers pick up 8:30pm at Maples Pavilion, NW corner of the concourse to be signed out by parent or guardian.
Day 4:
  • 8:30 am Roll Call at Dorm.
  • One morning wrap-up session and award ceremony on day four.
  • Camp concludes at 11:30 am at Maples Pavilion.
  • Commuter Campers pick up/signed out with staff at the NW corner of the Maples Pavilion concourse.
  • Overnight campers walk to the Dorm, turn in room key, pickup camp store balance and retrieve luggage.

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